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Très dion creates trendy and inspired seasonal utilitarian art for our home. Here are a few words about each of them.



A mature bud, the foliage of the trees as I see it, as I see it. A beautiful complexity approached with lightness and translucency. Many interactions between shapes with clear and defined contours, sometimes blurred. Like a day a little sunnier than the previous one, the liveliness and freshness of a period to come.⁠

This is my hymn to spring, a preamble to a rich and green season! In search of light and radiance, the coloring of the ‘Tangy prelude’ collection presented itself. An abstract interpretation of the nature that surrounds us, all in geometry and in the blossoming of rhythm, shapes and patterns.⁠



In a life in motion, I sometimes escape the present moment by scribbling the available space in a square in order to offer myself the illusion of perfection. Concretely, performing this exercise manually makes the activity perfect, imperfect.⁠Intuitively drawn, multiple quadrilaterals accumulate, become pages, then a gold mine of uniqueness. The amalgamation of several sketches, retouches on image, a coloring all in shades gave birth to the motif of the collection ‘Copper cadence’.



Throughout my trips, I have observed a few monuments, I have enjoyeddesigning or deconstructing them with pencils, brushes, and repeating patterns.Thus, is born ‘Psychedelic warmth’ a mixture of rhythm of windows opened on theworld and of architectures that invite to travel back in time. A state of beingthat draws from history while writing it. The sequence of elements, thefluidity of lines that includes the gentle balance of the arabesque.


One of the central themes of my creative process – since my studies in arts and then in textile printing – will always remain the wear and tear of time. I like to create images worn out by time to represent the irregularity of things, and to show the degradation of objects. With my new collection "Altered Repetition", I put in color my interpretation of rust and decay. In delicacy and harmony, geometric shapes confront one another with their own decay.


The "Sea Port" collection is inspired by my seaside trips in Portugal. It is reminiscent of the richness of the ornamental ceramics and the multicoloured doors of the houses next to the seascapes of this region. A breath of salty air in your home.


Our latest creation! Inspired by the warmth of Mexico, by its weavings and beadings as well as in its ancestral civilizations, thus bringing this south in our northern environments.


Floral, colorful and vintage, this collection is not to go unnoticed. It is inspired by my childhood in the fields and gardens of Lanaudière that I translated into bold patterns.


Inspired by urban architecture, this collection is based on travel and urban exploration sketches and photos. It proposes three designs with clean lines, reminiscent of the metal structures that surround us. Inspired by Montreal's spiral staircase, the Top of the stairs pattern is a tribute to Escher and its endless stairs. Cat’s eye is a protective and observant pattern just like a feline gaze. Under the steel towers is a pattern inspired by the shapes of steel towers’ structure. These metal monsters, often disrupting the delicacy of the landscape, are highlighted here by diagonals.


Our way to pay tribute to the city of Montreal which has always been a source of inspiration for our patterns and creations. The pattern of this limited collection is based on a sketch made from the Jacques-Cartier Bridge with a view of the Mont-Royal.