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Behind Très dion is me, Emanuelle Dion, a Montrealer for most of my life who was born on Drolet Street, and is a runaway from everyday life.

While I continue to bring your furniture back to life with the Foutu Tissu upholstery workshop, Très dion is a return to my roots, an opportunity to take off my entrepreneurial hat for a moment. To explore and tell a story.

I invite you into my world, abundance, textures and broken colours, without restraint. Forget about minimalism. Très dion is my way of expressing what touches me, always open to the details that build my path. I like to escape to let myself be surprised and see life from another point of view. Here and elsewhere. For me, the pattern is a rhythm, a beat, a cadence that punctuates my steps, a mix of reality and imagination.

With Très dion, I would like to leave a timeless and personal trace in everyday lives, to share with you a small fragment of my inspirations and allow you too to see life in patterns!