Bring patterns to life through a fashion collection with Melow

It goes without saying that we are currently going through a strange period, together, but not together, characterized by a lot - too much - of time at home, dressed in slack, talking to ourselves or to virtual friends. But this too shall pass.

The good news is that the first real rays of summer will come, too. They'll be good for our soul and morale. We'll want to start getting a little cute again and dare to walk around with peace of mind.

And at that time, the beautiful pieces from the summer collection of Montreal designer Melow, with whom I had the chance to collaborate for the new season, will be more than welcome.

Have you noticed them?

It was a first for me to bring my designs to life on fashion pieces. For those who know me, I have always work with my textures on furniture, upholstery and decoration. This time, I was up for a challenge!

This Melow collection pays tribute to ancient civilizations. Whether through drapes, fabric panels or prints, the spirit of that other era has been modernly adapted through the pieces to offer you a comfortable, elegant and feminine collection, unique to Mélissa Bolduc, the designer behind this brand.

I have known Mélissa for about 8 years. She has been my studio neighbour for a few years. For a long time, my wardrobe has contained many of her pieces. Clothes that fit me like a glove.

She is one of the first designers from our region to promote body diversity through her collections. Her clothes are timeless and harmonize perfectly with the trends from season to season.

In short, I LOVE her! And it's an honor to have collaborated with her.

The result? A vaporous and light pattern that will be a must for summer wardrobes, when we will be allowed to walk around freely again!

You will find the AKKAD and AVALON pieces on the online store. To see the complete collection, I invite you to visit Melow's website!

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