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It’s always time to take care of yourself

While everything seems to be returning to normal, I have only one desire: to take time for myself. The pace of our lives has been slightly changed in recent months, frantic but differently, without benchmarks. For all the benefits it will bring me, I will devote time to my well-being, which will only be beneficial for the quality of my relationships with others.

Tres dion 'Floral' collection

Although with all of our daily commitments it can be a challenge, I am a strong advocate of the importance of making time for yourself on a regular basis. Rejuvenating and relaxing opens up my creativity, improves my concentration and makes it easier for me to find solutions to certain problems. Not that I have lots of them, but we all have our fair share of challenges.

Ideally, regular 30-minute activities eliminate stress, improve sleep and give energy, it seems. To each their motivations and interests, on my side a walk in nature or by bike, a good podcast, an exhibition of works of art, gardening or a good book in my hammock are beneficial activities to take care of me and disconnect from my routine. 

Tres dion 'Floral' collection

All I have to do is maintain a good balance between obligations and the time that I allow myself for my well-being. And you? What are your tips for taking time for yourself?