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Our Top 5 Color Trends in 2019

New year, new decor trends. Especially with spring slowly appproaching , if you're just like us, you are starting thinking about a few projects to bring some areas of the house back to life. It is often useless to redo everything. Simply add a small decorative object, redesign a furniture or do a small paint job, and voila!

To inspire you, and go beyond the famous "living coral" crowned 2019 pantone’s color of the year, we present you our top 5 2019 color trends to liven up your projects for the upcoming spring.

Golden Yellow

Without opting for overly saturated variations, golden yellow tones will be popular this year. Perfect for a sunbeam feel in the house or if you want to brighten a forgotten space. Golden yellow will bring an optimistic and somewhat "retro" touch to a room. This color matches perfectly with cold blues, hunter greens, beiges and mushroom grays.

Pastel Pink

Pastel has been trendy before, and 2019 is no exception! Old pink is coming back strong with its warm, neutral and soft feel. Being sometimes more “peach” or “mineral”, it is a perfect match for hues and natural materials, such as light wood types. Why not even try a small pastel pink monochrome corner in the house!

Chartreuse Green

Inspired by the digital age, and as contrasting as it may be with the previous colors, the chartreuse green is back after several years of absence. Intense, and resolutely playful, it promises to bring an electrifying touch to a modern decor. More vibrant than the previously popular lime green a few years ago, it is to be used in moderation, rather than for an entire wall.

Northern Blue

Rich, elegant and soothing, this blue-gray recalls Scandinavian nuances. It calls for relaxation and blends perfectly with copper and gold tones, and even with organic materials such as light wood, rattan and bamboo. Its comforting touch can bring a pleasant atmosphere to the bedroom and living room.

Deep Red

Bold red is back to energize the house. In recent years, cold colors such as blue and green have dominated. We now feel a return to warm colors with several tones of red. Whether "bloody mary red" or "cherry red", this color brings happiness, energy and sophistication.

Are you inspired for your upcoming projects?