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Velvet Love

You may have noticed that in recent years Foutu Tissu has a soft spot for velvet which we have been using in our various collections.

Why velvet?

It is first of all for its many technical advantages. The velvet used at Foutu Tissu is 100% polyester and offers a rock solid resistance with 100,000 double rubs. A double rub is the action of sitting down and getting up from a seat. A good covering fabric must withstand at least 50,000 double rubs.

We also love velvet because it makes our print very clear. With our sublimation printing technique, we managed to get much more details on velvet than on a textured fabric.

It is also the fabric of choice for those who share their sofa with their shaggy friends! You can easily remove hair while cats generally like to scratch it less than a woven textile.

Historical background

Velvet is shaved on one side and covered with very tight tufted threads on the other side. It is a fabric renowned for its elegance, softness and warmth.

Velvet was created back in the Middle Ages, in the Kashmir region of India. It has since been used for dressing the monarchy or the workers, and in several haute couture collections.

We will find cotton velvet, silk velvet, polyester velvet, etc. The word “velvet” is derived from the Latin word “vilosus”, meaning hairy.

Velvet inspiration

Its softness, the brilliance of its colors, its resistance. Depending on the patterns and colors of the velvet, the result can be both a bit retro and very modern. It is truly timeless.

We wanted to share with you three favorite colorful interior designs inspired by velvet!

A collaboration between Roche Bobois and designer Kenzo Takada, inspired by ancient kimonos.

Colorful polychrome project created by French architect and designer India Mahdavi at the Red Valentino boutique in Rome.

An American west coast living room, inspired by Mid-Century and nature.