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Instagram accounts that inspire us

To finish 2021 in style, I wanted to share with you the Instagram accounts that inspire me to see life in colors and patterns. Again and again, for me, this social media is an inexhaustible source of daily inspiration for my creations, as well as my activities or future destinations. You, what are you looking for while strolling on the networks?

1. @stutiosambuckley 

The first is a studio working in the fields of interior design, architecture, furniture and objects. They also have another great instagram account @ooooobjectsssss. They are currently working on an update of their visual aesthetics, I secretly hope that they will keep the essence: the color in interior design. 

Instagram coup de coeur studiosambuckleyCoup de coeur instagram studiosambuckley moodboar

2. @sophiesmallhorn 

A second English account, in London for Sophie Smallhorn, this consultant artist commissioned by private clients and companies to explore the relationships between color, volume and proportion. A passion for my part for colored geometry, which I enjoy virtually and would love to see in an exhibition one day. 

Instagram coup de coeur sophiesmallhornInstagram coup de coeur sophiesmallhorn moodboard

3. @aneliatorres

Designer Anelia Lazaroff Torres of Los Angeles works in a variety of mediums and is inspired by modern art, design and architecture, as well as music, dance, fashion and landscape. I really like the use of color and forms of psychedelic geometry.

Coup de coeur instagram aneliatorresCoup de coeur instagram aneliatorres moodboard

4. @tinycactus 

Kang Hee Kim is a South Korean photographer based in New York. I would describe her as a bright and light artist. She builds her own surrealist escape by manipulating images and creating collages of photos of places traveled across the United States. “The manipulation of these scenes introduces infinite possibilities, freed from the limits or constraints of real life,” she says. 

Coup de coeur instagram tinycactusCoup de coeur instagram tinycactus moodboard

5. @matthiasheiderich 

Saturated colours at the limits of reality, Berlin photographer Matthias Sheiderich illuminates my days with his architectural photographs. Sky of a perfect blue, for a tone of incredible optimism, the artist is self-taught, follows his instinct for composition and his incredible eye to create beauty from simplicity.

Coup de coeur instagram matthiasheiderichCoup de coeur instagram matthiasheiderich moodboard

6. @the.pinklemonade 

To be appreciated on a daily basis, to observe modern society and contemporary art that leads to reflection. Several options, including my favorite @the.pinklemonade, which focuses on creation, inspiration and image collection, or @the.bluelemonade, which presents equally interesting works of art. Republished content from different accounts, a kind of best of that you can only love !

Coup de coeur instagram  the.pinklemonadeCoup de coeur instagram the.pinklemonade