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Decorative plants: embellish the house with flowers and plants

The countdown before spring has begun. We will finally be able to enjoy a little more sunshine to get out of our hibernation and bring life back into our home. And there is nothing better than plants to bring warmth, vitality and fresh air! They can be our precious allies by adapting to all types of environments. Simply perfect items to have fun with: placed on the floor, hanging from the ceiling, hanging on a wall or in planters.

Wondering how to bring that touch of freshness? Here are some tips and ideas.

A natural space

Choose a bright enough spot in the house and multiply the plants. Small, large, succulent, leafy plants with various pots. Requirements: variety and originality. Vary the colours, sizes and shapes to create a small indoor garden by bringing all your plants together in the same space!

Staged plants

Have you thought of using beautiful pieces of forgotten furniture to showcase your favourite plants? Your great aunt's buffet, a small table you no longer use, a bench, even stools found in the street! Take the opportunity to recycle or bring some furniture back to life. They will be perfect to arrange your greenery, play with heights and refresh some corners of the house.


We told you about it in our article on our Top Interior Design Trends 2019: baskets are making a big comeback in interior design! And there is something for everyone: wicker, rattan, fabric, sober or coloured, gipsys, exotic, contemporary. They are perfect plant pots for small and large plants in the house.

Window sills

Do you need more space for plants in the house? Opt for your window sills! That’s what we did at Foutut Tissu! Plants along the windows will bring a bright touch to the rooms of the house, without taking up too much space. It is also perfect for small urban apartments and houses with active young children. And if you're a bit of a handyman, you can even build yourself a few shelves right out of the window frame to install the beautiful ones!

Hanging plants
Don’t hesitate to hang your plants here and there! There are several ways to do it; either by buying a planter that is already ready to be installed or by making your own. You can hang them near windows, pin them to the walls with hooks, individually, or by using a rod or branch with multiple plants. Anything is possible!

Display your cuttings

If you have a green thumb, make cuttings and expose them. Otherwise, a short tutorial on the Internet will teach you how to do it. It’s that easy! Choose transparent or amber pots and vases, of all shapes, to see the roots, or reuse the beautiful bottles of beer or wine you have piling up. In addition to being aesthetic, it will allow you to multiply your greenery.

If cuttings are not for you, simply vase a stem you found on the way home. It will have the desired effect!

Pots and planters

The pots you choose for your plants will make all the difference. It is THE little touch that can make your plants to stand out. There are a phenomenal number of options when it comes to beautiful pots. Think of your favourite ceramists, opt for baskets – as mentioned above –, pick up some of the pots you already have at home, get some clay planters and add a little touch of paint and creativity. In short, let your imagination run wild to find the right pot to enhance your plants.


If you are the type of person who wants to make things useful and enjoyable, choose herbs for your plants in the kitchen. In addition to fresh herbs, you will enjoy the good smells and look like a great chef! Thyme, basil, coriander, mint and even a hot pepper plant can be used in the kitchen.


To give your beautiful plants a completely different effect at home, place them against a black, dark green or marine blue wall for them to stand out. This is one of the decoration trends this year. The combo of the felted aspect of the wall and the shapes of the leaves will be a winner! The effect of a simple plant will be multiplied tenfold!

If you want to be even more inspired, we suggest you follow the floral designer Hilton Carter. Since 2011, he and his wife Fiona have been collecting plants in their beautiful Baltimore loft. You can get lost for hours on their Instagram account!

Materials and patterns

If plants are definitely not your style and you have the reputation of killing any greens that come your way, opt for flower power or greenery in your choice of fabric, tapestry, carpet or decorative object! Last year, Foutu Tissu was inspired by flora, fields and gardens to create a floral collection. Ottomans, benches, cushions, lampshades, curtains. A series of objects has been proposed in this collection to make the house flowery. If you haven't already done so, we invite you to discover our collection!