Instagram accounts that inspire us

We wanted to share with you some of the Instagram accounts that are inspiring us these days. We suspect that just like us, you enjoy eating your bowl of cereal in the morning with this awesome social network! Let’s just say that for us it is an inexhaustible source of daily inspiration.

1. @masquespacio_ana

The first account is @masquespacio_ana, the co-founder of the Spanish studio Masquespacio. Their disciplines: interior design and marketing to create brand and custom interior projects that are completely crazy! They have worked on projects in several countries such as Norway, the United States, Germany, France and Spain.

Color, finesse and madness.

2. @mitztakahashi

Mitz Takahashi is a Montreal-based designer and furniture manufacturer born in Osaka, Japan. In his Mile End workshop, he imagines and creates furniture for any rooms in a home.

His cultural heritage greatly influences his creation, which is tinged with Japanese aesthetics. A minimalist style, unique but timeless.

We particularly like his mid-century armchairs and consoles!

3. @hiltoncarter

We told you about him in our article on plants last spring; we are a fan of the

Baltimore-based interior and plant stylist Hilton Carter. He creates breathtaking green interiors. He claims to have at home more than 200 plants that he takes care of along with his wife Fiona, his dog Charlie and his cats Isabella and Zoe.

If you are visiting Baltimore, you can rent the Jungle By The Falls loft he designed for artists, filmmakers, photographers and even event organizers for different occasions, a place in which we would move in right away!

He is also the author of Wild at home: How to style and care for beautiful plants.

4. @bookhou

Bookhou is a multidisciplinary studio in Toronto that focuses on handmade natural materials and small production parts. Furniture, textiles, ceramics, stationery and small objects of all kinds. If you are in the area, this slow design company – a small family business – recently opened a store on Dundas West Street in Toronto.

Their textures, colour combinations and everything that comes out of their imagination are most inspiring.

5. @inkandspindle_

A studio of textile magicians in Melbourne! They create hand printed organic and durable fabrics, curtains and other home items. Inspired by the Australian landscape, the studio tries, through its creation, to minimize its environmental impact, ensuring that its textiles are durable and free of harmful chemicals.

They are using the silkscreen printing technique which they are pushing further: they use superimposition, turn and move their canvas, for beautiful patterns and textures. Their Instagram is a mixture of their workshop life and their products. Simply beautiful!

6. @muramur_ca

Do you know the Quebec blog Muramur? It brings together under one roof decorative favorites, simple DIYs and effective tips to improve your interiors! Their account is full of inspirations.

We love it for the simple ideas that can be easily reproduced at home. Whatever your style – retro, romantic, contemporary, boho-chic – you will find what you are looking for!

7. @alison.willoughby

Another Australian account from Melbourne: the young visual artist Alison Willoughby. In addition to graphic design, she creates small series of objects such as wrapping paper, stationery and ceramic objects. She works with collage by creating lively, feminine and colourful compositions.

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