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Top Interior Design Trends 2021

The year is well underway, the trends are very varied and I finally take a few moments to share with you my favorite designs for 2021. I don't know about you, the decorative additions in my living room undoubtedly make me happy, only I just want to get out of the house! Never mind, I invite you to travel with me in a universe of colors, textures, materials, patterns, styles, an amalgam of what I find beautiful and that pleases me to look.

1. The art deco style

For several seasons now, the elegant style born at the dawn of the Roaring Twenties has been part of our wardrobes and our interiors. One hundred years after the birth of this artistic movement, a remarkable comeback has taken place. A chic and accessible decor, which everyone can adapt according to their universe. I love the glamor it offers, as much as its lightness and the fact that this style is incredibly free, creative and limitless. Another element that attracts me in this style is the ally number 1 the wallpaper which reveals delicate, floral or geometric patterns.

2. Texture and color

Ditch the great clean white and consider lining your walls and choosing your accessories based on textured materials and folded colors (my favorites!). To tie it all together, we allow ourselves to replace white with warmer neutral colors. A feeling of feet in the sand all year round with beige, champagne, etc.

For texture, whether through the application of natural stucco-type plasters, lime paint on your walls or the addition of cushions, throws, plush rugs, everything is worth to personalize your space and encourage to cocooning. Weavings, woolen, beaten linen, raw silk and cane will give character to your rooms.

3. The work of artisans, made local

The wave of love in 2020 for local artisans continues this year. I'm lucky to have a great team with me who do great upholstery projects and follow me with my creative ideas. Because that's kind of my job as an entrepreneur, to create to allow you to acquire a unique and local piece knowing who is behind it and then even allow you to put a face to the name.

4. Curved lines

The continuation of curves for softness and comfort. I was already talking about it in my 2019 favorites, straight out of the 1970s, where this trend had been very popular. But today they are even more obvious as they inspire relaxation and give your refuge an enveloping atmosphere. Furniture, spherical lighting, rugs, tables or mirrors, all round off and blend in perfectly with your decor.

5. Repetitive patterns

You can get the girl out of the patterns, but the girl's patterns can't! My eye is naturally drawn to these decorations where a well-defined elementary form is repeated. This year we allow ourselves an endless variety of patterns or images on an accent wall, a duvet cover, a cushion, a poster, a basket, a tablecloth, an ottoman, let your creativity run wild!

6. Velvet, sweet velvet

It has been back for a few years now and it is with all the love that I use it in my creations. For technical reasons, sublimation printing suits it so well! But also because velvet is a classic, it transcends eras and adds texture to your life. You have to think about integrating it into your decor!

7. The wear and tear of time

This crush comes, among other things, from what attracts me to do something new with something old. To have a piece of furniture that has a story and that without embarrassment tells it before undergoing a facelift. It's a bit like traveling through time and being told by worn materials, the light that bounces differently from what happened. Having said that, this is not a style that can be improvised, let the days pass and history be written.