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Top Interior Design Trends 2019

A few days ago, we published our <a href="">Top 5 Color Trends 2019</a>. We continue to inspire you by sharing other interior design favorites for 2019.

For the new year, we are moving away from the popular Scandinavian style that has taken over the interiors for some years now. Instead, a touch of freshness and color are brought to the house. After years of refined environments, we go back to sensitive spaces where each item has a story to tell. Elegance and warm atmosphere are mixed together, bringing back noble materials, flowers, audacity and accumulation.

In short, there is something for everyone in 2019 and we love it!

Materials, patterns, styles, objects: this is what’s on our radar for the next year.

1. Velvet

With a sensational popularity in the 70s, velvet is making a strong comeback in our living rooms. But it has nothing to do with the outdated look that has long tainted his reputation. This ultra-soft material brings softness and nobility. Corduroy or plain, shiny or patterned, this material is perfect for cushions, armchairs and even curtains.

2. Curves

Another trend straight out of the 70s: curved lines. Whether through furniture with rounded corners, shapes of carpets, lighting or fabric patterns, 2019 is all about curves. It is loud and clear that curves will become the form of choice for the year to come.

3. Geometric patterns

Textures, volumes and colors will be seen in vases, fabric choices in bedrooms, on carpets, and in ceramics.

The integration of geometric patterns is not necessarily a new trend. But this year, it occupies a more important place. Don’t be afraid to use bolder colors and oversized patterns!

4. Scandicraft

We were just telling you that the Scandinavian style was quietly disappearing this year. It actually leaves room for his little brother: Scandicraft. Furniture with curved lines, warm colors and natural elements will be more present than ever. We go for crude, natural finishes, along with fibers and organic lines. Opt for wicker, flax and cork. This creates timeless environments with, for example, raw wood side tables, chairs with woven backrests and rattan armchairs.

5. Flower power

This “fresh” trend can be used thoroughly by sprinkling the walls and textiles with flowery patterns for a natural touch. Leaves and flowers are welcome on wallpaper, tablecloth, bedding or shower curtains. Designers predict exaggerated proportions and contrasting colors.

Real plants, and dried flower bouquets are also a good fit with this trend.

6. Le terrazzo

Long used as flooring, terrazzo is more and more popular. Some even say that this is the most important trend in interior design in 2019. Designed from a mixture of natural stones, it is now used as a wall covering, applied on furniture of any kind or on various decorative accessories. We like it for its mineral aspect, its subtly spotted and irregular look and its great resistance. Terrazzo promises to bring uniqueness in the house.

7. Baskets

Strictly functional for a long time, baskets are reinvented as an interior design accessory that can fit in every room of the house, from the living room to the balcony! They can be used for storage or as a planter. They can be superimposed or multiplied. In short, this often very economical accessory offers countless possibilities. We will continue to see the handmade baskets, often created from natural fibers such as seagrass and rattan, but we will also dare fabric, felt, rubber, colored, pompom, fringed and more!