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How to combine floral motifs in interior design

The harmony of floral motifs as interior decoration is a timeless trend. Floral prints add colour and joy to spaces, as their soft, pastel tones and bright colours bring energy, warmth and positivity. 

After confinement, it is very likely that some of us will need a little colour and joy in the spaces of our home. A good alternative is therefore to decorate with these kinds of prints. 

Floral textiles on cushions, carpets, curtains, towels and table linen, among other options, recreate a kind of garden and bring the energy of nature into our homes. 

The decoration trends of 2020 incorporate these floral patterns in classic and sophisticated styles that combine perfectly with vintage prints or neutral colours and textures that never go out of style.  

You can also incorporate floral prints through various accessories. The options are endless. Here are a few ideas for combining these beautiful prints. 

5 decorative elements with floral motifs

1. Bench

One of the most versatile decorative elements we can use in decoration is the bench. It is a piece of furniture that we do not give the possibility to decorate our house.

A bench with a floral pattern is a great option. Whether you decide to place it in a room or in the dining room, take advantage of it!

2. Cushions

Cushions are always a detail that draws attention to sofas or beds.

Combine cushions of different sizes and textures to create contrast. If you like to follow this trend, combine floral patterns with neutral tones and you will get a relaxing and comfortable space.

3. Curtains

Curtains are another possibility to place floral prints. The flowers will give the space a fresh feeling. Choose the floral print you prefer to match the furniture in your room.

Dare to use floral prints on your windows, you won't regret it!

4. Baskets

The baskets are perfect for bringing order and style to the space. You can use them as simple decorative elements or use them to store all kinds of objects.

They are perfect for storing towels or bathroom accessories. They are also perfect for storing items in the closet, or in the living room for storing magazines or the current book.

5. Porcelain with floral motifs

So that the beauty of the flowers accompanies you at all times, you can select porcelain objects such as cups, teapots, vases, etc. Porcelain will create a very striking and feminine focal point in your kitchen.

The floral trend is here to last for an unlimited time. Take advantage of these ideas and evoke the beauty of nature with floral motifs in the interior decoration of your home.

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