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How to choose geometric patterns in your home decoration

Geometric patterns can transform our spaces and make them more welcoming.

In interior decoration, geometric patterns are a total success: they are not common and can provide creative, subtle, elegant and unique environments.

It is natural that when talking about geometry, traditional references such as circles, hexagons, triangles or lines come to mind: but there are more possibilities.

To enrich your environment, and create renewed atmospheres under this concept, the key is to choose carefully.

Discover how to achieve that unique atmosphere you are looking for in your home, integrating geometric patterns.

Ways to add geometric patterns to your home decor

In order to get this type of decoration right, we recommend you not to exaggerate. The premise that less is more can be important to achieve satisfactory results.

Wallpaper with geometric patterns

If you are exploring with geometric patterns, the option of using wallpaper may be a good choice.

Give prominence to a wall by wallpapering it, or use it as a decorative painting.

This detail will help give a unique style to your space.

Experiment with wallpaper designed with geometric patterns, because it will be a total success.

It is easy to install and maintain, and it covers imperfections and can last you more than 10 years. It doesn't take up any space and you can easily remove it whenever you want.

The wallpaper is very generous. You will create modern and innovative atmospheres, without incurring large investments or risking too much.

Moreover, you will find several options in geometric patterns, from the traditional ones to creations that go beyond, such as those of Emanuelle Dion.

Furniture with geometric patterns

Geometrically patterned auxiliary furniture is another option you can explore and take advantage of.

Turn Très Dion benches, cubes and poufs into your points of attraction, if you want to add touches of geometric patterns to your space.

The rectangular benches of Très Dion are versatile and you can place them wherever you need them most: at the foot of the bed, as an aid in the dining room, in the hall or to give presence to a corridor.

Its design with geometric patterns, besides reinforcing the concept and becoming the protagonist of the environment, will be very useful to you.

If you want something more discreet, you can choose cubes with geometric patterns, since with them you will enjoy two golden qualities: you will have a color accent in your favorite space and it works as auxiliary furniture.

Pouffes are another option you can invest in. Not only do these pieces of furniture give you style and reinforce your concept, but they are also very versatile. So, don't doubt that they will be a great investment.

Accessories with geometric patterns

Geometrically patterned cushions and pillows are another option you can experiment with when decorating your home.

Put a spark of boldness in your home decoration and experiment with this decorative option without risking.

Cushions and pillows are very versatile, so before making big investments try them out.

If your furniture has solid colors, then play with integrating geometric patterns in grayscale or soft colors.

They can also add style to your bedroom with pillows that have geometric designs.

The advantage of these options is that you don't have to risk making big investments to enjoy the renovated look you're looking for.

The contribution of geometric patterns in interior decoration

Geometric patterns can also be used in large dimensions. Below, discover some of their advantages and how to make the most of them.

Circles soften environments

Circles and semicircles can work very well in the division of environments. As it stimulates our imagination, it softens the structures.

You can use these geometric patterns by incorporating wallpaper, decorative pictures and other elements.

Perpendicular lines bring seriousness

Contrary to circles, which break the traditional scheme and therefore soften the structures, the lines help you to transmit a serious atmosphere.

They also visually widen narrow spaces. To create a less rigid look you can use vibrant colors, and thus change the perception to a livelier and more playful environment.

Vertical lines bring height to your spaces, while horizontal lines reinforce the feeling of tranquility, of rest.

Fractals bring dynamism

They are repetitive patterns that bring personality to the environment. For example, a wallpaper that integrates small patterns and painted in soft colors can be combined as an excellent option, to generate a peaceful atmosphere.

Geometry achieves great transformations, because it goes beyond the traditional, adding the unique style you are looking for.