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Five design benches to decorate your home

Design benches are discreet and elegant allies when it comes to decorating the home. Passionate about interior design, at Très Dion, we are officially in love with them because of their multiple uses and the distinctive touches they bring to a space.

We present these options with which you can embellish your home. As always, we try to make all our creations as beautiful as they are functional.

How and where are the best places in the house to integrate this design furniture?

Read on and let yourself be wrapped in the benefits of these remarkable creations!

The “under the steel towers” design bench

This bench with an impressive design will give a touch of sobriety to your hall or one of the corridors of your home.

You won't need another item to highlight the place where you put it, because with its remarkable design, it will offer a striking look.

Its pattern is inspired by the structure of steel towers, those metallic monsters that sometimes break the delicacy of the landscape and are part of urban planning.

Their shapes are highlighted by the diagonal series. Made in velvet for more comfort and softness, it will not only be an object to rest on, but it will also bring a pleasant look to your hall.

This is a classic gray scale proposal, but the same geometric pattern is also available in soft pink or yellow, so your combination possibilities are greater.

The Floral design bench/span>

This is also a bench which adapts perfectly to small spaces. Also versatile and functional, this bench with a floral design can also be the perfect item to bring a colorful touch to a more neutral space.

With its vintage look, this bench is inspired by the childhood of the designer Emanuelle Dion, who loved to spend time in the fields and gardens of Lanaudière.

Made of velvet, it is soft and delicate to the touch, which guarantees great comfort.

If you need to adapt your bench to a more sober space, you can choose the same design, but opting for the white and black variation.

The “early thaw” design bench

This one is a very design furniture that brings a touch of luxury to your space with its golden touches that will fit perfectly in your living room or dining room.

By integrating it, you will give a subtle dynamism to your space.

Without taking too many risks, you will renew the atmosphere of your room by adding a very design and trendy creation.

Its geometrical design is inspired by the warmth of the Mexican lands, so you will have a little warmth among the cold that is becoming more and more common here with the Winter months approaching.

The “altered repetition” design bench

Ideal to help create a delicate atmosphere, it can be the perfect ally for a subtle and functional addition.

This design furniture can be used very well at the foot of the bed or it can also be very useful as a side table.

Its color palette allows you to combine white, green, blue or pink objects, while helping to create peaceful environments.

The "top of the stairs" design bench

This design bench is inspired by Montreal's spiral staircase.

Its design is a nod to Escher and its endless stairs.

The "At the top of the stairs" bench has the same pattern in yellow, pink and black.

In yellow, your design bench will be the protagonist of the environment: it brings dynamism, light, vitality.

In pink, this warm furniture will bring a vivid touch to your environment. You can combine it very well in environments where white or grey predominate.

In black, this piece of furniture can be a neutral accent of sobriety. Its shades and its print will bring elegance to your home.

Choose the color that best suits your needs according to the style of your environment.

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