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5 designer cushion covers to decorate your space

It is no mystery to anyone that a third of our lives are spent in bed and, with the pandemic, the situation may have become a little longer. For the same reason, it is not strange that the pillow is accumulating dust and dirt. However, there is a fundamental and hygienic complement on the market: the cover.

What you normally look for in a cover is protection against bacteria and the prolongation of the life of your pillow. In addition, a cover makes cleaning much easier. But, along with all the benefits, a good cover should be beautiful, with beautiful designs that coordinate with your room.

In Très dion we care about your rest. Therefore, we bring to you five design cushion covers, to decorate your bed, the room or any space where your cushions are indispensable. Without further ado, we begin.

The five best cushion covers you didn't know

The five-design cushion covers, which we present below, fill us with pride and we have full confidence in their high quality and unbeatable prices. Made with the finest materials on the market, the covers we present will leave you speechless, because of their unique designs and the possibilities that can arise to decorate your home.

Cushion cover - Early Thaw

This first choice of cushion is perfect for the home. With a velvet finish, completely made of polyester and elaborated by sublimation, softness and comfort are guaranteed, from Montreal to the world.

The Early Thaw collection is inspired by the warm colors of Mexico, combining them with fabrics and beads that match any space you wish to decorate. To make you feel comfortable, the dimensions of the cover are 11" × 21", and you can choose with or without padding.

And, for its care, you do not need many turns or excessive maintenance. Just wash it upside down in cold water, without using bleach, and on a gentle cycle in the washing machine. You must check that the cushion's padding is not inside. In addition, drying is very important, to extend its duration.

The advantage of buying the entire Early Thaw line is that they are completely handmade cushion covers. With warm designs and quality materials, your spaces will be a stylistic revolution and a caress for your senses. Therefore, to decorate your home, with the best quality covers, this line is essential to make your pillows unique and elegant.

Cushion cover - Sea Port

The second option we show you is a cushion cover of velvet design, also made of polyester and printed by sublimation, in Montreal. With the Sea Port collection, softness and comfort are completely guaranteed. The present collection of cushions is inspired by multiple trips to the coast of Portugal.

It also follows the aesthetics of ornamental ceramics and the multicolored doors of the houses. The coastal feeling will enter your room from your cushions, and will give you the certainty of being on the beach all the time. For your comfort, these covers have dimensions 26'' × 18''. In addition, you can choose between fillings.

Regarding the care, with these cushions you should use cold water and wash them inside out. Try not to use chlorine and use the washing cycle for delicate clothes. Also, remove the cushion's padding, before using the washing machine, and try to dry the cushions so that they last longer. So, for you to decorate your house, one of the best options is Escale marine.

Cushion cover – Floral

The third alternative, also made of velvet, completely made of polyester and printed by sublimation, will give your head the relaxation you have been looking for. The collection is floral, colorful and vintage, which is why it is a must, because it is inspired by the fields and gardens of Lanaudière.

With dimensions of 18'' × 18'' and 11" × 21", the Florale collection will give your head the relaxation you have been looking for. The covers are available with or without cushion filling. And, to make it last longer, the care these cushions need is cold water, wash them inside out and do not use chlorine.

Cushion cover - Cat's Eye

The penultimate option we present you, like the previous ones, is made of 100% polyester. In addition, it is printed by sublimation and with the quality that identifies our line. Cat’s Eye du chat is the best option for you.

In Celtic tradition, it was believed that the eyes of cats represented the doors leading to the kingdom of the fairies. Moreover, the cat's eye is a protective and observant pattern, just like a feline look.

For this reason, this collection of designer cushion covers seeks to provide peace of mind, while being comfortable, as well as being aesthetically pleasing. The dimensions we present are 18" × 18" and 11" × 21". They are also available with or without cushion filling.

Regarding the care that the covers need, you will use the same procedure as for the previous covers. That is, you must wash the cover upside down, with cold water and without bleach, using the most delicate cycle of the washing machine. Also, always check that you remove the quilt from the cushion before washing, and then dry it without problems.

Cushion cover - Under the steel towers

Finally, we present the Under the steel towers collection of designer pillowcases. Made from the best quality polyester and printed by sublimation, these covers will provide you with extreme softness and completely ergonomic comfort.

The present collection of covers is inspired by the structures of steel towers. Here they stand out as diagonals, and deepen the landscape with the power of geometric figures. Distinguishing the spaces will not be a problem, nor will enhancing the rooms.

The dimensions available for this collection are 18'' × 18'' and 11" × 21". Also, like the previous designs, these covers can be ordered with or without filling. Also, the care is the same for these covers: wash inside out with cold water, without chlorine and using the delicate cycle.

Bonus: Cushion cover – Montreal

The bonus we show you is very special, because it is designed to pay tribute to the city of Montreal, source of inspiration for us. The pattern in this collection is also based on a sketch made from the Jacques-Cartier bridge, overlooking Mont-Royal.

The velvet design cushion covers, made of the highest quality polyester, and printed by sublimation, in the city that inspired its design. Just like the previous proposals, the softness and comfort with this collection is more than guaranteed.

In addition, its design is highly attractive and with a vitality of the city, which gives freshness to the home. The dimensions of this collection are 18'' × 18'' and 11" × 21". You can choose the size that best suits your aesthetic needs.

What is the best design cushion cover to decorate your space?

Of all the options listed, selecting the best one becomes problematic. It is very common to hear about pillowcases, which enhance the style and vitality of the home. While it all comes down to your tastes, it is also important to remember what all the options are for you.

When buying covers, seeing the styles and materials should be fundamental, in order to know the best alternative. We, in our opinion, recommend all of them, but especially the Cushion cover - Cat's eye.

But remember that the printing colors may differ slightly from those seen on the screen. However, at Très dion we guarantee you the highest quality at the best price.

Considering this, all of our products are shipped within 2 to 20 business days, and remember: the five-designer cushion covers and the bonus are completely handmade. If you want to get the best products, in Très dion we will attend you as you deserve. Contact us, because it will be a pleasure to serve you.