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Très dion

Behind Très dion is me, Emanuelle Dion.

I invite you into my world, abundance, textures and broken colors, without restraint. learn more

Creations and achievements

The pattern is for me a rhythm, a beat, a cadence that punctuates my steps, a mixture of true and imaginary. See the results
Each collection has its own personality
"Throughout my trips, I have observed a few monuments, I have enjoyeddesigning or deconstructing them with pencils, brushes, and repeating patterns.Thus, is born ‘Psychedelic warmth’ a mixture of rhythm of windows opened on theworld and of architectures that invite to travel back in time. A state of beingthat draws from history while writing it. The sequence of elements, thefluidity of lines that includes the gentle balance of the arabesque." Emanuelle
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